(17 CME – Continuing Medical Education – points to be awarded)

Room: Aegean I Friday 11th November 2022
13.00 – 14.00Conference Registration
14.00 – 15.45Supportive and Palliative Care
Chairs: Dr S. Nestoros / Dr Z. Kordatou
14.00 – 14.15Supportive Care vs Palliative Care
Dr S. Nestoros (CY)
14.15 – 14.40Understanding the relationship between empathy and compassion fatigue on oncologists and health care professionals in cancer care
Ms A. Kkoufou, PhD (CY)
14.40 – 15.05Communication skills in Oncology and Palliative Care
Prof. A. Papageorgiou (CY)
15.05 – 15.45Multidisciplinary approach: Case Studies. Round table discussion
(Dr S. Nestoros, Dr Z. Kordatou, T. Rossidou, Father E. Savvides, M. Prodromou, Ch. Nicolaou)
15.45 – 17.00Epidemiology, Prevention and Survivors’ Care
Chairs: Dr Y. Markou / F. Kyriakou
15.45 – 16.10Cancer Epidemiology in Cyprus
Dr V. Scoutellas (CY)
16.10 – 16.35Cancer prevention: what are the priorities for Cyprus?
Dr C. Mathaiou (CY)
16.35 – 17.00Survivors’ Care: What do guidelines tell us? Can we standardize the practice in Cyprus?
Dr S. Malas (CY)
17.00 – 17.30Coffee Break
17.30 – 18.10Satellite Symposium
New therapies in 1L metastatic NSCLC: how confident we are?
Prof. K. N. Syrigos (GR)
18.10 – 19.45Plenary Session: Improving Cancer Care in Cyprus
Chairs: Dr P. Drakos / Dr H. Charalambous
18.10 – 18.35The Cyprus Cancer Plan: Roadmap to its implementation
Dr P. Drakos (CY)
18.35 – 19.00How to set up a Lung Cancer Screening program in Cyprus
Dr D. Patsios (CY)
19.00 – 19.25Palliative Care: Improving Cancer Care the evidence
Dr H. Charalambous (CY)
19.25 – 19.45Round table discussion
19.45 – 20.10Keynote Lecture: EU Cancer Plan and Opportunities for Cyprus
Ms S. Kyriakidou, EU Commisioner for Health and Food Safety (CY)
20.10 – 20.30Opening Ceremony / Welcome address
Dr H. Charalambous, Chair of the Organizing Committee
Dr A. Constantinidou, Vice – President of Cyprus Oncology Society
Dr A. Adamou, President of Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society
Dr P. Agathangelou, President of the Cyprus Medical Association
Mr. M. Hadjipantelas, Minister of Health
20.30 – 21.00The Helen Soteriou Award
21.00 – 22.00Cocktail Reception (open to all)
Saturday 12th November
09.00 – 10.45Thoracic Cancers
Chairs: Dr M. Rovanias / Dr S. Malas
09.00 – 09.55Case presentation and Debate:
Management of Locally Advanced Stage III NSCLC with N2 disease   

Case Presentation: Dr S. Loizides – 5 min  
Pro Neoadjuvant systemic treatment followed by Surgery:  Dr F. Kyriakou – 12 min
Pro Surgery followed by adjuvant treatment: Dr G. Fotopoulos – 12 min
Pro Chemoradiation followed by Immunotherapy: Dr K. Ferentinos – 12 min
Discussion and Vote – 15 min
09.55 – 10.20Optimal first line management of non-oncogene addicted metastatic NSCLC
Prof. S. Popat (UK)
10.20 – 10.45Management of metastatic NSCLC after first line chemo/IO progression
Dr H. Charalambous (CY)
10.45 – 11.10Coffee Break
11.10 – 11.50Satellite Symposium
The role of CDK 4 & 6 inhibitors in the treatment of HR+/HER2- breast cancer – an update
Dr V. Habetinek (CZ)
11.50 – 12.30Histopathology Symposium: ‘Digital Pathology in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Machine Learning’
Chairs: Dr G. Georgiou / Prof C. Deltas
11.50 – 12.10Digital Pathology and AI: From slide to AI assisted evaluation
Dr F. Nader (OST)
12.10 – 12.30Digital Pathology and AI: From research to medical application
Dr F. Nader (OST)
12.30 – 13.00Lunch
13.00 – 14.00Satellite Symposium
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: An Evolving Treatment Landscape
Dr V. Karantza (USA)
14.00 – 15.15Presidential Symposium: ‘Precision Oncology’
Chairs: Dr H. Charalambous / Dr G. Ioannides
14.00 – 14.25Precision Oncology for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Prof. S. Popat (UK)
14.25 – 14.50Personalized ctDNA / MRD assessment to inform treatment decisions in solid tumours
Dr A. Jurdi (USA)
14.50 – 15.15Using ctDNA and MRD assays: are they ready for prime time in the clinic? 
Prof. I. Souglakos (GR)
15.15 – 16.55Gynaecological Cancers
Chairs: Prof. G. Kalakoutis, Dr P. Kountourakis
15.15 – 15.40Surgical treatment of ovarian cancer
Prof. C. Fotopoulou (UK)
15.40 – 16.05New advances in systemic therapy for Ovarian Cancer  
Dr G. Tsironis (CY)
16.05 – 16.30Fertility sparing surgery in Gynaecological Cancer
Prof. C. Fotopoulou (UK)
16.30 – 16.55Immunotherapy for Gynaecological Cancers
Dr P. Kountourakis (CY)
16.55 – 17.20Coffee Break
17.20 – 18.10Systemic therapy and Molecular Testing in Breast Cancer
Chairs: Dr A. Hadjisavvas / Dr P. Charalambous
17.20 – 17.45The role of molecular profiling in early and metastatic Breast Cancer
Prof A. Makris (UK)
17.45 – 18.10Clinical Outcomes in patients with metastatic Breast Cancer.
Dr Y. Markou (CY)
18.10 – 19.00Surgery and Non Medical Treatments for Breast Cancer
Cancer Chairs: Dr M. Kailidis / Dr C. Constantinou
18.10 – 18.35Doing less in breast surgery. What are the challenges?
Prof. M.J. Cardoso (POR)
18.35 – 19.00The role of Physical Activity and Nutrition in Breast Cancer Prevention and Management
Dr M.C. Mosquera (CY)
20.30Official Dinner (by invitation only)
Sunday 13th November
09.00 – 11.05Urological Cancer
Chairs: Dr C. Kouriefs / Dr I. Strouthos
09.00 – 09.35Debate: Surgery for High Risk Prostate Cancer

Pro: Dr P. Filippou (CY) – 12 min
Against: Dr D. Vomvas (CY) – 12 min
Discussion and Vote – 10 min
09.35 – 09.55PSMA targeting for staging and targeted therapies for Prostate Cancer  
Prof. A. Vrachimis (CY)
09.55 – 10.20Cytoreduction Nephrectomy and Metastatectomy for Kidney Cancer: for who and when?  
Prof. B. Escudier (FR)
10.20 – 10.45Optimal selection and sequencing of targeted and immunotherapy treatments for metastatic Kidney Cancer
Prof. B. Escudier (FR)
10.45 – 11.05New options for systemic therapy for Urothelial Cancer
Dr G. Astras (CY)
11.05 – 11.30Coffee Break
11.30 – 12.10Satellite Symposium
HR+ HER2- Breast Cancer: a 360º overview of Advances & Expectations
Dr C. De Angelis (IT)
12.10 – 13.00Stereotactic Radiotherapy Symposium
Chairs: Prof N. Zamboglou, Dr D. Vomvas
12.10 – 12.35Introduction and Cranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Dr M. Theodorou (CY)
12.35 – 13.00Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Dr K. Ferentinos (CY)
13.00 – 13.30Lunch
13.30 – 14.30Satellite Symposium
The role of the new generation antibody-drug complexes in HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer
Dr D. Tryfonopoulos (GR)
14.30 – 15.00Oral Presentations and Young Investigators Awards
Chairs: Prof P. Papageorgis / Dr P. Kountourakis
15.00 – 17.00Gastrointestinal Cancer
Chairs: Dr D. Papamichael / Dr M. Kakas
15.00 – 15.25Update on surgical management of Rectal Cancer
Prof. P. Tekkis (UK)
15.25 – 15.45Case studies in Rectal Cancer: Round table discussion
Prof. P. Tekkis (UK)
15.45 – 16.10Colorectal Cancer genetics and implications for management of healthy carriers
Dr I. Kostantinou (CY)
16.10 – 16.35Immunotherapy for Colorectal Cancer – state of the art
Prof. I. Souglakos (GR)
16.35 – 17.00Management of Anal Cancer
Dr V. Vasiliou (CY)
17.00 -17.10Final remarks and Closure of the Conference
Room: Aegean II Επιπρόσθετες ενότητες στην ελληνική γλώσσα
Παρασκευή, 11 Νοεμβρίου 2022
Εργαστήρι στην Ανακουφιστική Φροντίδα
08.30 – 09.00Εγγραφές
09.00 – 09.30Ο ρόλος της Ανακουφιστικής φροντίδας στο Γενικό Σύστημα Υγείας
Δρ. Μ. Φιλίππου
09.30 – 10.15Η Διεπιστημονική προσέγγιση στην Ανακουφιστική Φροντίδα
A. Κωνσταντίνου, M. Θεοφάνους
10.15 – 10.30Διάλειμμα καφέ
10.30 – 11.15Role play – Σενάριο: Συνάντηση για ενημέρωση συγγενών για την μετάβαση  του ασθενούς στην Ανακουφιστική φροντίδα
A. Κκούφου
11.15 – 12.00Εφαρμογή της Κλίμακας Λειτουργικής Ικανότητας στην Ανακουφιστική (Palliative Performance Scale)
Γ. Πολυχρόνης
12.00 – 13.00Go Wish Game Βιωματικό Εργαστήριο
Α. Κκούφου
13.00 – 14.00Γεύμα
09.00 – 11.05Σάββατο 12 Νοεμβρίου
Ημερίδα για Νοσηλευτές
Προεδρείο:  Γ. Τουμπής, Μ. Προδρόμου
09.00 – 09.25Ανοσοθεραπεία, τοξικότητες και διαχείρισή τους
Δρ. Α. Ισαακίδου
09.25 – 09.50Ασθενής σε άρνηση, κατανόηση και διαχείρισή του
K. Κασάπη
09.50 – 10.15Ασφάλεια μεταγγίσεων αίματος και παραγώγων
K. Στυλιανού
10.15 – 10.40Η σωστή θέση ασθενή. Πρόληψη και ανακούφιση πόνου και άλλων επιπλοκών
M. Καραμαλλάκη
10.40 – 11.05Καχεξία, διαταραχές θρέψης ογκολογικών ασθενών
K. Κλοκώνη
17.15 – 19.00Σάββατο 12 Νοεμβρίου
Ημερίδα για Προσωπικούς Γιατρούς – Συμμετοχή του Προσωπικού/Οικογενειακού Ιατρού στη φροντίδα του ογκολογικού ασθενή
Προεδρείο: Δρ Γ. Ιωαννίδης, Δρ Α. Μπαγουρδής
17.15 – 17.50Κλινικές ενδείξεις- ‘κόκκινες σημαίες’ για την έγκαιρη διάγνωση του καρκίνου
Δρ. Ρ. Αβραάμ
17.50 – 18.25Παρουσίαση ενδιαφέροντος ογκολογικού περιστατικού – διάγνωση και αντιμετώπιση
Δρ. Α. Ιωάννου
Σχολιασμός: Δρ. Μ. Πιττάκα
18.25 – 19.00Εισαγωγή στις νεότερες αντινεοπλασματικές θεραπείες
Δρ. Ο. Τσαβαρής